The following table lists maneuvers available in Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies.

Name BFM (Basic) Power Roll Slip Ace Loop
Dive Left X
Fast Dive Left X
Climbing Left X
Bank Left X
Left Turn X
Hard Left X
Slip Left X
Roll Left X
Inv. Roll Left X
Full Roll Left X
Level Climb X
Climb X
Fast Climb X
Zoom Climb X
Crack Shot X
Immelmann X
Snap Roll X
Yo-Yo Right X
Full Loop X
Split S X
Wingover X
Yo-Yo Left X
Cannon Blast X
Straight X
Slow X
Level Straight X
Fast X
Forced Landing X
Dive Bomb X
Launch Torpedo X
Dive X
Fast Dive X
Power Dive X
Spin X
Half Loop X
Inv. Half Loop X
Roll X
Climbing Right X
Bank Right X
Right Turn X
Hard Right X
Roll Right X
Inv. Roll Right X
Full Roll Right X
Skid Right X
Slip Right X
Dive Right X
Fast Dive Right X

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