This page lists the missions available in Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies. The campaigns are divided into eight battles that have four missions each. The battles are:

Navy missionsEdit

  1. Pearl Harbor
    1. Ace vs Ace
    2. Sneak Attack
    3. No Place to Hide
    4. Out of the Sun
  2. Wake Island
    1. Turkey Shoot
    2. Early Warning
    3. Task Force
    4. Runway Danger
  3. Coral Sea
  4. Midway
  5. Tarawa
  6. Marianas
  7. Leyte Gulf
  8. Okinawa

Army missionsEdit

  1. Flying Tigers
    1. Ace vs Ace
    2. Boom-Boom
    3. Fireball
    4. Dawn Patrol
  2. Corregidor Island
    1. Solitaire
    2. Aces High
    3. Supply
    4. Stockpile
  3. Doolittle's Raid
  4. Guadalcanal
  5. Tokyo Express
  6. MacArthur Returns
  7. Iwo Jima
  8. Japan

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